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US of Autism Movie Release Date Set
February 9, 2013

US of Autism Movie Release Date Set

Hello United States of Autism families and friends,

We’re excited to announce that the United States of Autism  movie will be released in theaters starting on April 5th of 2013! Our first showing will take place in NYC, and we will roll it out to more cities as fast as possible.

But wait, there’s more!

We’re doing things a little bit different (don’t we always!) for our release then other films you may know. Starting in April, the film service we use, Tugg, will begin screenings of the film based upon successful ticket sales around the country. We’re opening up screenings of the film in nearly every city we visited along the way (or closest metro area), as well as a few other cities, and we want your help to make it happen.

Here’s the best part. You can earn money for autism by helping us market the film!

Here’s how the service works. Contact us with a screening date you have in mind, preferably at least 3 – 4 weeks in advance. You can find a list of currently scheduled screenings here.Together we set a date and pick a theater, preferably AMC but others work great as well. We sell tickets. If we meet a minimum number of tickets sold, the screening goes on! But you want to know the best part? We’re donating 25% of our total net ticket sales to a local organization, family, or individual in the autism community that can be served with our help! So by screening our film, you can make money for someone in the local autism community. If we sell enough tickets, we may even be able to have Rich or Sugey come out to your screening and do a question and answer session with your people, or maybe even Skype in as a surprise!

But we want to help more people!

So let’s see what we can do to get the film out there! Go ahead and let us know if you’d like to host a screening in your area in April or May, and we’ll start making the arrangements. You can contact us here and we’ll be sure to get back to you as fast as possible. And if you don’t want to help, hey, no big deal. We still love you out there!

Thanks a bunch, and we can’t wait to present a few years work for you on the big screen!


The team at The United States of Autism

US of Autism Kickstarter Campaign in Focus Again

kickstarter autism The United States of Autism Kickstarter campaign which brought in almost $10,000 to the producers of the film was featured in a blog post from Autism Labs. Nathan Donnellan had a chance to speak with Executive Producer and Director Richard Everts about his experience in crowdfunding in the autism world. Be sure to check it out if you’re interested in putting together something like this or another project that could use a few thousand dollars!


US of Autism T-Shirt Spotting with Iowa State Governor


Nearly every GOP candidate from the 2012 election had their picture taken in Iowa with our United States of Autism t-shirts thanks to Sam Wessels, including current nominee Mitt Romney, but it looks like our t-shirt keeps growing in that state no matter what we do!

This past week Sam Wessels was at the Iowa state capitol with Lt Governor Kim Reynolds and Iowa Governor Terry Branstad, and check out that t-shirt! He’s in the running for our number one fan for sure!

Congratulations again to Sam, Linda, and Mark for their great work out in Iowa and we can’t wait to show you more about their story and their boy Sam when we release the film!

US of Autism T-Shirt Spotting in Paris, France


I guess this film is going world wide and we can’t stop it (nor would we)! We had a spotting of the United States of Autism t-shirt in front of the Eiffel Tower this past week with one of the families in the film. On their trip, Tunde and her family also wore their t-shirts in the Bahamas, to the Castaway Island, to Riyadh Saudi Arabia, to Dubai UAE, and finally to Paris. We’re so excited for Amin, Safiyya, and Tunde and we can’t wait for you to hear this family’s story when we release the film!

Safe travels to our friends abroad, God Bless, and we look forward to seeing you in the United States again soon!

United States of Autism Kickstarter a Success!

YOU DID IT!! Thanks to all of you out there, the United States of Autism successfully completed it’s first fundraising goal on the Kickstarter campaign, helping us to attend film festivals and market this unique film about autism to the world!

Special thanks to our last donors who put us over the top, the ASD Climber Foundation that put in $1000!!

Let’s just take a moment and think about what you’ve just done, whether you’ve given $1 or $25 or more. You’ve been a part of something that actually made it not once, but twice, in the social media world, a project that people love and believe in. Many of you were there when we first won the Pepsi Refresh Project Grant for $50,000, and you pushed us then. And now, you are again a part of something much larger than any one of us on our own, and we hope you are as proud of what you’ve accomplished as we are.

We were successfully funded on our Kickstarter Campaign in May 2012! Thank you again to all our supporters and we can’t wait to get your prizes out soon!

Thank you, and we can’t wait to keep sending you more successful updates as time goes on!

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