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Behind the Scenes of the United States of Autism Film

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We here at the United States of Autism are excited to announce that we’re moving forward faster then ever. We’re about to surpass 6,000 fans on Facebook, and our trailer is almost to 10,000 views! Truly, things are hopping.

Yet, many of you out there keep asking us when the film will be ready. You keep asking about how can you get a hold of a copy of the DVDs or how you can help promote the film. Well, we are incredibly excited to bring you the latest update about the United States of Autism film, and we’re going to give you a quick behind the scenes of where we are!

Also, starting November 1st, we begin the United States of Autism Money Bomb, where we try to build the final pieces of our award winning production and get our submissions ready for the Tribeca Film Festival. Stay tuned here for the link.

Here’s some behind the scenes, and we can’t wait to show you more!

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  1. Michele - October 31, 2011

    Damn, that is a CRAZY amount of work!!!! Congratulations on getting this far! Can’t wait to see your work— I know it will be amazing!

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