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Pepsi Refresh Project Writes About Autism Movie

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Refresh Everything Blog Article

Pepsi Refresh Project Writes Blog About Movie

We’re really excited to let you know that the Pepsi Refresh Project has written an article about our movie! After interviewing with Liz Dwyer, she compiled everything into a great piece.

Some people have had some questions about the article, so we’d like to clear a few quick things up.

We will be leaving from Lancaster, PA on June 23rd, so we are not starting the film in California. Also, many have had questions about the genocide comment. The quote should read “(Some) people…”, as we all know that not everyone believes genetic research will lead to genocide. Also, the term genocide is a wonderful attention grabber, but “eugenics” is probably more accurate. After having numerous conversations with friends in the neuro-diversity movement, this is a legitimate concern and something worth capturing in the film. Inside the autism movement, we are aware of the use of these terms and their implications, but we should also understand that for many people out there in the world do not understand the differences per se, or the problem.

Liz has written a great article about what our goals are to sidestep these controversies, and focus on the families which is our goal. We hope you enjoy the article and look forward to hearing your comments!

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