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First Radio Interview on Autism Women’s Network

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Autism Womens Network

Autism Women's Network

Getting the word out about an independent film can build like a sweeping current, coming out of nowhere and taking a nation by storm. We’ve had the TV commercials and the blogs. Now, we broke through the first barrier on the radio waves with one of the fastest growing radio shows in the nation at the Autism Women’s Network. A unique organization that focuses on the need of females on the ASD spectrum, we are excited to have their executive director Sharon daVanport in our film as an example of what an activist can accomplish with a few dollars and a desire to make a difference. Both Sharon and her co-host Trish engage their listeners on some great topics, and last night was no different.

It was an exciting opportunity to discuss how the film came about, what our goals are, who some of the families are, the diversity we’re looking to bring out, and a few surprises. Ultimately, we hope it came across how seriously we take the responsibility of this film to reflect and inspire the ASD community, as well as those around the nation who may not know anything about our challenges and triumphs. Be sure to check it out, and as always, feel free to contact us and tell us what you think. Thank you to all of our fans for listening as we look forward to checking in with the AWN from the road.

Let’s keep that current going and growing!

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  1. Sharon daVanport - June 17, 2010

    Thank you for being our guest last night on AWN Radio. The Autism Women’s Network looks forward to hearing from you and the crew while you’re out on the road.

    The United States of Autism film is no doubt one of the most unique concepts ever attempted within the autism community. I’m eagerly anticipating the overall diversity which you intend on capturing in this documentary. Thank you Rich, Sugey, and Crew.

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