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Day 5 of 40 Day United States of Autism Movie Shoot

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After the longest amount of rest the crew has head in over a week (6 hours), we went over to Saturday’s Market, the largest indoor flea market in Pennsylvania, to visit Liz Carotto. It was great to see all of the great members of Autism Spectrum Connections out at the stand, and we were able to get some great footage of the family visiting and people in the community getting some fantastic information on the autism community.

Afterwards, the crew went in to Elizabethtown to interview the Carotto family. Liz, Chris, the husband, and her 3 children who are all on the spectrum were there including James, Joel, and Drew. We interviewed the 3 boys outside and they all had a unique perspective on autism everyone should hear. Chris and Liz had an interesting interview and lessons to share about what it takes to be an advocate and how they manage with all their responsibilities and kids on the spectrum.

While we felt we had just gotten there, the time flied by so fast we were surprised to finish up with such tender moments with Chris, Liz, and her family almost out of the blue. It was overall a fantastic shoot, and we’re looking forward to getting it into the editing room. After finishing our 16 hour day, here are some of the pictures:

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