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Day 11 of 40 of United States of Autism Movie Shoot

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Today we were in Lincoln, Nebraska to meet with the daVanport family and what a day it was. Our plans were thrown off by a lot of changes, which happens a lot in families affected by autism. While I will save the details for the movie, suffice it to day that only 1 of our 4 locations was available to us today. What did that mean for shooting? Why, getting a lot of spur-of-the-moment absolutely awesome footage of course!

Sharon also contacted her local ABC affiliate, and they ran the top story for the 6pm and 10pm show on the United States of Autism documentary! Currently, you can find the video here and the article here.

Sharon is the Executive director for the Autism Women’s Network, and though there were a few jitters at the beginning of the day, her interviews on TV and for our documentary went incredibly well. So well, in fact, that anyone watching would have been hard pressed to notice she was on the spectrum at all.

We got some time with the adult support group at Williamsburg Behavioral Psychology LLC with Drs Marti and Wilson and her awesome crew of support group volunteers, then interviews with Sharon and her well spoken daughter Kylee, and then some special footage with her son Ty. Be sure to check out all the pictures and the friends of those involved.

Sadly, today was our last day in the heartland of America. Tomorrow, we leave for Denver, Colorado and the West. I think I can speak for all the crew when I say how much we enjoyed this part of the nation. The people here were incredibly friendly, helpful, and supportive, and we never felt unsafe enough to bring in all our equipment form the cars at night. It’s a wonderful place in our great country, and we can’t wait to come back for the premiers and screenings of the final film. A special thanks to Sharon and her family for sharing their story with us under difficult circumstances. It’s always those who struggle the most that receive the greatest rewards.

We love you all out there, and we’re so excited that more and more people are following us everyday. For us, it’s time to get “on the road again.”

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  1. Sharon daVanport - July 3, 2010

    It was a great day! All of you are fantastical….. the “Cruisin Crew!”

    Thank you. We are humbled to be part of this journey.

    ~Sharon, Ty, and Kylee

  2. Mona - July 3, 2010

    I can’t wait for it to come out!!! I am so proud of you Sharon!!! Hugs and Luv!!

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